Law, Regulation and Policy, Pardee RAND Graduate School, 2021-22
Empirical Legal Research, UCLA School of Law, Spring 2020
Representation and Gerrymandering, Pardee RAND Graduate School, 2020
Policy Analysis and Advocacy, UCLA School of Law, Spring 2019
Measurement for Government Analytics, Johns Hopkins University, 2016
Internationalization of Elections, Universität Wien 2014 Syllabus
Core Seminar in Comparative Politics, UBC Spring 2014 Syllabus
Empirical Political Theory, UBC Spring 2012 Syllabus
Qualitative Research Methods, UBC Fall 2009 Syllabus


Internationalization of Elections, Soka University of America, January 2015
Honours Seminar, UBC Spring 2012 Syllabus
Measuring Democracy, UBC Spring 2012 Syllabus
Senior Honours Thesis, UBC 2010–11 Syllabus
Quantitative Research Methods, UBC Fall 2007 Syllabus
Japanese Politics, UBC Fall 2007 Syllabus
Japanese Foreign Policy, UBC Spring 2007 Syllabus

Supervisions and Directed Readings

Communities of Interest and Redistricting
Gender and Judging in Law School Competitions
Policy Analysis Skills in Legal Education
Ethnicity, Partisan Labels and Voting in Canada and Japan
Anti-democratic Mass Mobilization in Thailand
Ethnicity, Patronage and Voting in Indonesia
Quantitative Evidence of Democratic Peace Theory