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Research Overview

As Director of the UCLA Empirical Research Group, my focus is promoting high quality empirical legal research at UCLA. My projects are primarily in law, the social sciences and public policy, but ERG advises and supports any empirical research efforts in the law school. Most of my personal research projects have focused on comparative and international politics and public policy, with a particular emphasis on the study of democratic institutions, elections and political rights around the world.

Abbreviated CV


Director, Empirical Research Group, UCLA School of Law, 2016-
Adjunct Political Scientist, RAND Corporation, 2015-
Adjunct Professor, Johns Hopkins University, 2015-16
Assistant Professor (Political Science), University of British Columbia, 2006-14
Killam Research Fellow, University of British Columbia, 2004-06


Ph.D. in Political Science, University of California, San Diego, 2004
B.A. in Politics and East Asian Studies, Oberlin College, 1997

Los Angeles County, “Diversion and Reentry Study for People with Serious Clinical Needs” (joint with RAND, UCLA Law, UC Irvine, Groundswell)
UCLA Promise Institute, “Extraterritorial Voting Rights and Restrictions, 1980-2017” ($4800)
UCLA Sustainable LA Grand Challenge Research Grant (with Malloy, Corbett, Hicks), “Agent-Based Modeling of Solar Power Adoption by Los Angeles County Residents”, 2017 ($127,400)
SSHRC MCRI (Co-PI): “Making Electoral Democracy Work”, 2009-16 ($2,500,000)
Fellow, Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 2007-14 ($25,000/yr)
SSHRC Grant: “Party Leaders and Prime Ministers”, 2011-14 ($92,000)
SSHRC Grant: “The Consequences of Mixed Electoral Systems”, 2007-10 ($72,000)


Douglas Lichtman and Benjamin Nyblade, “Naughty Bits: An Empirical Study of What Consumers Would Mute and Excise from Hollywood Fare if Only They Could.” Forthcoming, Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. (2019). Link.

Eric Merkley, Fred Cutler, Paul J. Quirk and Benjamin Nyblade, “Hearing their Voice: Authority, Voice, and Satisfaction with Democracy,” Forthcoming, Journal of Politics (2019). Link

Katharina P. Coleman and Benjamin Nyblade, “Peacekeeping for Profit? The Scope and Limits of “Mercenary” UN Peacekeeping,” Journal of Peace Research 55(6): 726-41. November 2018. Link

Hanna Bäck, Wolfgang C. Müller and Benjamin Nyblade, “Multiparty Government and Economic Policy-Making. Coalition Agreements, Prime Ministerial Power and Spending in Western Europe.” Public Choice 170(1): 33-62. January 2017. PDF

Benjamin Nyblade, Angela O’Mahony and Aim Sinpeng, “Social Media Data and the Dynamics of Thai Protests.” Asian Journal of Social Sciences 43(5): 545-66. October 2015. PDF

Benjamin Nyblade and Angela O’Mahony, “Playing with Fire: Pre-Electoral Fiscal Manipulation and the Risk of a Speculative Attack.” International Studies Quarterly 58(4): 828-38. December 2014. PDF

Benjamin Nyblade and Angela O’Mahony, “Migrants’ Remittances and Home Country Elections.” Studies in Comparative and International Development 49(1): 44-66. March 2014. PDF

Benjamin Nyblade and Steven Reed, “Who Cheats? Who Loots? Political Competition and Corruption in Japan, 1947-1993.” American Journal of Political Science 52(4): 926-41. October 2008. PDF

Robert Pekkanen, Benjamin Nyblade and Ellis Krauss, “Electoral Incentives in Mixed Member Systems: Party, Posts and Zombie Politicians in Japan.” American Political Science Review 100(2): 183-93. May 2006. PDF


Languages: English (native), Japanese (professional fluency)